How did NYSTC begin?

In 1984, thanks to the lobbying efforts of NYSUT, Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers (now called NYS Teacher Centers) were established and funded by the New York State Legislature under Education Law 316. This law called for the provision of systematic, ongoing professional education services to New York State teachers. The enabling legislation introduced an innovative approach to professional learning across the state and created a unique relationship between Teacher Centers and schools. There were 44 Teacher Centers that opened that first year.

All Teacher Centers have their own unique beginnings and characteristics. The organizational structures, programs, and services of Teacher Centers reflect the standards for professional development. Not all Teacher Centers operate in exactly the same fashion, but all are governed by a Policy Board. The Policy Board is comprised of members from the Center’s district(s). This includes teachers, administrators, parents, higher education representatives, business representatives and community members. However, the Policy Board must always be at least 51% teachers, which upholds our efforts to personalize programs to meet the local professional learning needs of classroom teachers.