NYS Teacher Centers provide a vast array of professional learning opportunities for all educators from PK-20. Our programs meet the needs of local districts while supporting statewide initiatives and federal regulations. Each year, our statewide organization selects focus areas to guide our activities for the year. These areas are selected from our yearly grant application. These activities are not all-inclusive but comprise the majority of our work. Individual Teacher Centers also select their own focus areas based on the needs of their local districts and teachers. For information on initiatives and programs of individual Centers, please visit their websites, which can be found on the  Locations tab.

For a complete listing of FREE professional learning opportunities supported by our Statewide Leadership grant, please check out our current catalog, available in Frontline. There are also FREE courses being offered by Individual Teacher Centers. Those courses can be found here. Registration for all courses is on a first-come, first-served basis. 

NYSTCs are committed to provided our educators with the most current information  and resources to successfully embed the NYS Learning Standards into their teaching practice.  Some specific areas we are focused on this year are:

One of our major initiatives this year is professional development to support our new and developing teachers. Specific areas include:

To assist educators with this focus area, NYS Teacher Centers will be offering professional learning involving:

Our organization is approved to offer 45 hour programs for teachers to obtain SWD Certification Extensions in PK-K, 7-8, and 10-12 grade bands and ELA, Biology and Math Content areas.. Courses are being offered statewide through various formats that are accessible to any SWD certified teacher. For a complete listing of courses that are currently being offered, please go to the SWD Extension Programs. To see if you are eligible to apply, please read the FACT sheet

Digital badges help learning communities grow, engage and inspire

Badge List provides data-driven learning tools that decrease costs and improve outcomes for professional learning. Our Statewide Teacher Center Network has developed its own  Digital Badge program to provide on-demand learning opportunities for educators across NYS.  For more information on Digital Badges and the NYS Teacher Center program, please click on the links.