New Teacher Recruitment & Support

Focus Area #15: Professional Development to Support Teacher Recruitment, Retention & Mentoring; and Developing and Supporting New Teachers

One of our major initiatives this year is professional development to support our new and developing teachers. Specific areas include:

  • Continuing our work with Learning Forward and the New Teacher Mentor Academy

  • Provide professional learning opportunities for pre-service teachers, teachers assistants and teacher leaders

NYSUT’s Grow Your Own initiative is a three-year project funded with a $675,000 grant from one of NYSUT’s affiliates, the National Education Association. The NEA’s Great Public Schools Fund provides grants to state and local affiliates with promising projects and ideas to help improve student success.

Fall 2022

The First year Teacher’s Survival Guide

(15 CTLE hours)

starts on Tuesday, November 1st

Instructor-Meredith Murolo

Stress Reduction and Teacher Survival

(5 CTLE hours)

starts on Wednesday, November 2nd

Instructor-Deb Chicarelli

Teacher Leader Essentials

(6 CTLE hours)

starts on Monday, November 7th

Instructor-Kristine Cucinello

Spring 2023

Pre-Service Study Group

(6 CTLE hours)

starts on Wednesday, March 8th

Instructor-Kathy Halter

Aspiring Educators for Teacher Assistants

(3 CTLE hours)

starts on Monday, March 13th

Instructor-Kaylee Bennett

Book Study: Mentoring Matters by Laura Lipton

(10 CTLE hours)

starts on Tuesday, April 11th

Instructor-Elizabeth Bell

Book Study: Having Hard Conversations by Jennifer Abrams

(5 CTLE hours)

starts on Tuesday, April 11th

Instructor-Deb Chicarelli

For a complete listing of FREE professional learning opportunities supported by our Statewide Leadership grant, please click here. There are also FREE courses being offered by Individual Teacher Centers. Those courses can be found here. Registration for all courses is on a first-come, first-served basis.