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From the Lighthouse in Montauk to the Adirondack Mountains to Niagara Falls, the NYSTC Network is a vibrant collaborative public organization that spans New York State.  Our mission is simple: provide high-quality professional learning opportunities for educators to enrich their teaching practice and improve student learning and achievement. With our 124 Teacher Centers and 7 regional networks, the NYSTC Network is continuously working towards meeting the current needs of our diverse student population living in an ever-changing global environment.

To accomplish our goals, we:

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What do NYSTCs do?

Please peruse our website to read about the exceptional professional learning opportunities that our 125 Teacher Centers provide to educators across New York State


NYS TC meetings are open to the public. Public participants are listen-only. Only invited guests are allowed to speak at the meetings. For a list of meeting dates and locations, please click here.

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