COVID-19 Resources: FREE Remote Learning Opportunities for Educators!

NYS Teacher Centers are dedicated to helping teachers during this time of crisis. Centers from across the state are providing FREE online professional learning opportunities to assist teachers with continuing to improve their teaching practice and develop new strategies to teach their students from a distance. All Centers are still fully functioning, albeit from home offices, and identifying additional ways to best support our educators moving forward.

Please click here for a listing of these FREE online opportunities with registration information for each.

NYS Teacher Centers Approved to Offer SE Certification Extension Programs for Grade Levels and Subject Areas!

In June of 2018, the NYS Regents approved a new certification pathway for NYS special educators interested in extending their existing certification to address the growing shortage of certified special education teachers in NYS.

In 2020, changes to requirements to teach subject areas were also enacted. Teacher Centers have worked with NYSED to develop and offer the necessary training to meet these requirements as well.

Currently, Teacher Centers are the ONLY approved provider of either of the extension series!

For complete details on both series, please check out the Special Education Extension Series page.

Safe and Supportive Schools Initiative – Dr. Ross Greene

In response to the need to support school district across the state, Teacher Centers have been highly involved with a Safe and Supportive Schools Initiative, based on the work of Dr. Ross Greene, an American clinical child psychologist and author of the books The Explosive Child, Lost at School, Lost & Found, and Raising Human Beings. Dr. Green, has a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology, and has developed a model of intervention called Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS). Dr. Greene has had a remarkable and profound impact on understanding and reaching students who struggle to participate and succeed in school and life.

During the NYS Teacher Center Fall Focus in October 2019, a statewide event, 125 NYSTC Directors and Policy Board members participated in a statewide professional learning activity focused on Dr. Greene’s book, Lost at School, and his Collaborative & Proactive Solutions model. Directors from across the state engaged in collaborative discussions surrounding struggling children; reviewed some of Dr. Greene’s tools outlined in the book; and practiced using his CPS model.

Since Fall Focus 2019, Teacher Center directors have participating and facilitated various online book studies on Lost at School and Lost and Found and implemented various support programs. Our hope is to reach as many educators as possible to share the great work of Dr. Greene and help as many struggling students as possible.

Currently, our Statewide organization is offering professional learning opportunities centered around Dr. Greene's work. Please check out our catalog for current opportunities.

Dr. Green’s resources are available for free on his website: Lives in the Balance.