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NYS Teacher Centers is in the process of rolling out an intensive 18 month pilot project in 17 districts in NYS to help establish effective use cases and exemplary professional development models. myON reader literacy solution combines personalized reading, breathtaking content, and scientifically-based assessments to leverage technology for multiple delivery methods. Using embedded Lexile® reading assessments, educators can measure and forecast reading growth. For each student, myON reader metrics include time spent reading, number of books read, a reading growth trajectory, and much more. myON reader truly is magic with metrics.

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Poverty Training with Dr. Eric Jensen

In October 2016, Eric Jensen, former teacher and educational leader and author of 29 books visited Rochester for an engaging, fast-moving, results-oriented program during which he taught more than 240 educators in our network to differentiate their teaching and school environment in ways that successfully reach students of poverty. The Greater Rochester Teacher Center Network […]

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