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Data Driven Instruction

New York State Teacher Centers are committed to providing teachers with the support they need to continually improve their practice. Throughout NYS, teacher centers are providing programming to assist teachers in learning how to consistently gather and analyze student data for the purpose of making informed instructional decisions and taking action in the classroom to improve student learning outcomes.

  • The UFT Teacher Center (NYC Network) runs a program entitled, Making Data Work for you, which is a 2-day institute offered to school teams to develop skills and utilize a process for looking at data for the purpose of making instructional decisions that can positively impact student learning outcomes.
  • The Erie-Catt Teacher Center (Far West Network) sponsors an iPad Case Study every year where teachers are provided a set of iPads for students. Teachers are required to collect formative data throughout the year using the iPads and identify ways to improve learning through the use of technology.

For more information about Data Driven Instructional Programs please contact your local Teacher Center.

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