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What is the New York State Teacher Centers’ Leadership Academy? In its 10th Year, the Leadership Academy is funded by a statewide Teacher Center grant to be a Learning Community studying Leadership.Its mission is to empower individuals to realize their professional and personal leadership capacity through learning together, enhancing individual and group skills, and to set and achieve goals that advance distributive leadership within the New York State Teacher Centers’ Organization.

Previously, the Leadership Academy was open on an annual membership basis to Teacher Center Directors, Assistant Directors, and Policy Board Chairs/Presidents in their second year and beyond or first year positions if nominated by a Network Chair. Currently, the focus is to induct new Directors into the statewide Teacher Center organization and provide leadership learning to new Directors and Co-Directors, and as funds allow, Assistant Directors and Policy Board Chairs/Presidents/Co-Chairs. To participate in the Leadership Academy and benefit from it, participants must make a commitment to collaboratively work and learn together and to give back to the Teacher Center organization. It is the intent of the Leadership Academy to enhance the leadership capacity of the statewide committees, regional networks, and the NYS Teacher Center organization.                          

Members of the Leadership Academy believe that Leaders:

  • Transform vision into collective action.
  • Engage in reflective practice in pursuit of life-long learning.
  • Create supportive environments based upon trust.
  • Recognize and value diversity, empower others, and set high expectations for all.
  • Abide by a strong code of personal and professional ethics.
  • Respect the dignity of all stakeholders.

Structurally, the Leadership Academy is coordinated by two individuals who provide an annual continuation proposal to the NYSED Programs Office, with the LEA for the Academy associated with one of the individuals. One or both of these individuals must be a current or recently retired Teacher Center Director. The NYSED Teacher Center Programs Manager is an Ex-Officio Coordinator of the Academy. Additionally, the Leadership Academy must have a close association with a Higher Education partner.

For more information contact:

Juanita Henry, jhenry@bataviacsd.org, 716-812-8703

Pat Mullikin, pmullikin@avoncsd.org, 585-330-2648

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