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Poverty Training with Dr. Eric Jensen  January 26th, 2017

In October 2016, Eric Jensen, former teacher and educational leader and author of 29 books visited Rochester for an engaging, fast-moving, results-oriented program during which he taught more than 240 educators in our network to differentiate their teaching and school environment in ways that successfully reach students of poverty. The Greater Rochester Teacher Center Network and the Genesee Valley ASCD co-sponsored the all-day session with Dr. Jensen.

This powerful professional learning session included:

1. Secrets to how the brains of students from poverty are vastly different

2. Seven golden maximizers that can make significant, positive changes in their brains. These are what the scientists call “true enrichment”, not the pseudo enrichment most educators have heard of.

3. Strategies you can use to get proven, consistently positive, results!

The bad news is that poverty can make devastating, chronic changes in the human brain. The good news is that there are powerful solutions that hundreds of schools have successfully implemented that clearly demonstrate students from poverty can achieve. BUT, you need three things.

First, you need genuine HOPE based on the science, not fantasy. This can only come from staff that truly understand and believe in the potential of students from poverty. This cutting edge professional learning program provides tons of science-based hope that fuels enthusiasm and positive morale. Second, you need the facts. You’ll get the real science behind the changes in brains of those from poverty. Learn what forces shape their brain and literally change it on a daily basis. Finally, you’ll get brain-based strategies that not only change the brain, but just may change you!eric 1 eric2