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Teach to Lead  September 17th, 2015

On September 10, 2015, the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards held a Teach to Lead Leadership Lab at Adelphi University. Spearheaded by NBCT’s Regional Coordinators, Jennifer Wolfe and Erin Gilrein, and supported by the Oceanside Professional Development Center; Director, Betsy Weinman.This event involved a collaborative effort among the United States Department of Education, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, Adelphi University, and Oceanside Schools and its Teacher Center, OPDC.

Regent Roger Tilles and Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky were in attendance, along with Emily Davis, Special Assistant for Teacher Leadership, U.S. Department of Education,Dr. Christine Riordan, President, Adelphi University, Dr. Gayle Insler, Provost, Adelphi University, Dr. Phyllis Harrington,Superintendent, Oceanside Public Schools, Geri DeCarlo, Principal of Oceanside High School and a large cadre of Nationally Board Certified Teachers.

Joining the team was New York State Teacher of the Year, Marguerite Izzo, OWL Teacher Center Director, Jennifer Bova, and Erika Nielsen Andrew,Chief Academic Officer of Teaching Channel.

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