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Welcome to New York State Teacher Centers Website!  January 31st, 2012

We are excited to introduce you to one of the finest professional development initiatives in New York State.

Across the Empire State, Teacher Centers introduce, develop, and implement the latest and best research-based practices for teachers. Teacher Center directors are in daily communication and are able to share and participate both virtually and face to face with the New York State Department of Education and other constituencies.

We work tirelessly, around the clock and throughout the year, to proactively support professional development which positively impacts students’ learning. Join us on our mission to serve the educational community of New York State.

From Teacher Efficacy and Evaluation to the NYS P-12 Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) and Data Driven Instruction, New York State Teacher Centers are here.

From Lake Erie to the Long Island Sound, we’re working with teachers every day providing a wide variety of services such as:

  • team-teaching in the classroom
  • mentoring new teachers
  • offering graduate and in-service courses for credit
  • advancing professional learning through work sessions, seminars, and study groups
  • promoting job-embedded professional development
  • using research-based teaching methods
  • hosting online teaching and training
  • developing and demonstrating educational technologies
  • preparing students for college and career readiness
  • providing customized support to “low-performing schools”

Teacher Centers provide relevant, accessible and responsive programs and services to assist teachers in preparing today’s children for tomorrow’s world. Teachers make the biggest difference for students – Teacher Centers make the biggest difference for teachers.

Teacher Centers are a good investment for all New Yorkers. New York State Teacher Centers provide quality professional development for the teachers of New York State. Over 125 Teacher Centers provide professional development opportunities locally, regionally and statewide. All Teacher Center funds are dedicated to professional development focused on raising student achievement. They provide a cost-effective powerful network across the state.


NYS Teacher Centers: Supporting student achievement by deepening educators’ knowledge and skills

Providing PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT for educators at all stages of their careers.

  • Models of Professional Development Plans (PDP)
  • Methods of evaluation for PDP
  • Common Core Learning Standards incorporated into PDPs
  • Use of data to drive instruction that impacts student achievement
  • Support for PDP teams

Helping educators use INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY to enrich curricula through:

  • High-quality, cutting-edge instructional technology training from basic to advanced levels
  • Technology partnerships with organizations such as ‘Thinkfinity NY and Beyond’ and ‘INTEL Teach’ programs
  • Providing the skills necessary for teachers to gather student data
  • Access to Web-based lesson plans and worldwide education links

Building and sustaining INDUCTION PROGRAMS.

  • Mentor programs for holders of initial and transitional teaching certificates
  • Training for mentors and district mentor coordinators
  • Instructional coaches in literacy, mathematics, science and technology
  • Support for probationary teachers on the analysis and use of student data for instruction
  • Skill building on the use of portfolio and peer review

Strengthening PARTNERSHIPS and collaborations.

  • Collaborative programs with higher education institutions
  • Support from the New York State Education Department and its Pö16 initiative: an inclusive educational system from pre-kindergarten through higher education
  • Constructive relationships with parents, businesses, museums, libraries and community-based organizations

Offering RESEARCH-BASED instructional strategies aligned with state learning standards.

  • Meeting the diverse instructional needs of 21st-Century learners in classrooms across the state
  • Supporting students with disabilities
  • Differentiating instruction to address the needs of all students, including English language learners
  • Aligning instruction with the New York State Learning Standards
  • Encouraging and developing teacher leadership